Privacy project

CILIP is currently conducting a privacy project. The project will run from July 2017 - October 2018. 

Privacy and confidentiality are fundamental to CILIP’s Code of Ethics and respondents to Shape the future put privacy in the top 10 priority policy agendas for CILIP to address during the lifetime of the Action Plan (2016-2020).

The concept and practice of online data privacy are undergoing rapid change and challenge from the private sector and the state. The Privacy project will address how CILIP can best support and advise information and library workers, managers and leaders so that they can: 

  • Ensure that the privacy of the personal data of users is protected
  • Support users and citizens in understanding the issues, trade-offs and risks concerning privacy and personal data to enable individuals to make informed and effective decisions about their data and effectively manage it in an online environment
  • Ensure a compliant and ethically sound approach to the management of information in companies and the public sector

The project will advice the Ethics Review currenlty being conducted in regard to privacy. Other outputs from the project will be a user guide/s on privacy for information and library practitioners across all sectors, a policy statement on privacy and a possible Information Rights Charter for the sector.

CILIP privacy survey

In this survey we invite you to explore with us the privacy issues you face in your own work and those facing the profession. We also ask what the proposed outputs from the project (a user guide on privacy, a policy statement on privacy and an information rights charter) might cover and what other things CILIP can practically do to help the sector.

The closing date for the survey is Monday 20 November (12 o clock Midnight)