CILIP Board and Presidential Team Declaration on equalities, diversity and inclusion

The Board and Presidential Team of CILIP, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, declare our commitment to promote equalities, diversity and inclusion as part of:

  • Fulfilling the terms of our Royal Charter “to work for the benefit of the public to promote education and knowledge through the establishment and development of libraries and information services and to advance information science”.[i]
  • Achieving our goal  “to put information and library skills and professional values at the heart of a democratic, equal and prosperous society”. [ii]
  • Upholding the Ethical Principles[iii] of our profession, including “concern for the public good in all professional matters, including respect for diversity within society, and the promoting of equal opportunities and human rights.” 

We believe that all members of our society should have equitable and ready access to knowledge, information, data and works of imagination appropriate to their needs, wants and aspirations.In particular we are committed to the aims set out in our Equalities and Diversity Action Plan[iv]:

  • To achieve recognisable excellence as an organisation that values and puts into practice equal opportunities, diversity, and inclusion;
  • To support an awareness and appreciation of the value and importance of diversity, equitable treatment, and equal opportunities to information, knowledge  & library work among our members and staff;
  • To work towards establishing an information,  knowledge and library professional workforce that is truly representative of the diversity within society;
  • To celebrate diversity, and to challenge prejudice wherever it is found in the information, knowledge  and library sector;
  • To collaborate with other interested parties who share our ethical values in the encouragement and mainstreaming of best practice in service delivery, so that the values of diversity and equal opportunities are better embodied in the services provided by our members;
  • To keep under active consideration the inclusivity of our own membership and actions as a Board and a Presidential Team

We will review this Declaration and CILIP’s performance against the provisions within the Equalities and Diversity Action Plan annually.  Our commitment to these fundamental values and rights will remain firm and we will ensure that the Equalities and Diversity Action Plan continues to evolve to reflect the changing needs of our society.

July 2017


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