Professional Registration and Accreditation Board

The Professional Registration and Accreditation Board (PRAB) are responsible for assessing all submissions made at Certification, Chartership and Fellowship level as well as all Revalidation portfolios. The Board currently comprises nineteen members from a variety of different sectors and roles.

The Assessment Process

The assessors mark all submissions against the dedicated assessment criteria for that level. The assessors work in pairs with a moderator used to help decide in cases when the assessors disagree on an assessment. Moderators also check submissions when both the original assessors are in agreement that a submission is unsuccessful.

The following image outlines the assessment process:

pr process

Board Meetings

The Professional Registration and Accreditation Board meet up to five times a year, where they ratify and confirm results as well as discuss issues that have been coming up with assessments. In addition to these Board meetings, there are usually monthly e-meetings that enable the assessors to confirm results - meaning that results will usually be published monthly.

The dates of the Board meetings are not published since assessment times can vary - so we cannot confirm that any assessment will be seen at a particular meeting if it is submitted by a particular date.