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Our Facts Matter campaign champions the value of quality information and evidence for learning, to our economy, to health and healthcare, in democracy and for equal, inclusive communities. 

We're asking the library, information and knowledge to take a stand with us to show that #FactsMatter.

Download our postcard and a supporter board below and share your support!

If you are attending CILIP Conference 2017 in Manchester, please come and see us on the CILIP stand, where we'd love you to join in and take an action to support #FactsMatter.

Facts Matter and the 2017 General Election

With an urgent need for reliable information and evidence in political debate and democratic decision-making, in the run up to the 2017 General Election CILIP and our members asked political parties and candidates to endorse the vital role of facts and evidence in public life.

We called on them to take a public pledge that ‘Facts matter’ and to declare their commitment to running an evidence-based election campaign. You can see the responses below.

  • Party Manifestos

    We worked hard to secure support for libraries and the wider information profession in 2017 General Election party manifestos and other commitments. Get to know the manifestos and find out which parties include the role of libraries, knowledge and information in their vision for the UK.

  • Who backed the Facts Matter pledge?

    Here are the political parties and candidates who took the Facts matter pledge in the run up to the 2017 General Election.

  • Facts Matter infographic

    Facts Matter infographic

    Please help us to share this infographic developed by CILIP and the CILIP Information Literacy Group.

  • Facts Matter Back the pledge

    For supporters

    Write to your local electoral candidates, share the campaign and if you work in a library, sign it up to the Electoral Commission's Roll Call

  • Facts Matter Take the Pledge

    For candidates and political parties

    Show your support as a candidate or political party standing for election.

  • Facts matter: for an informed, prosperous and healthy society

    As librarians and information professionals we see through our work that facts matter and that evidence-based decisions are good decisions that save time and money, increase efficiency, improve safety and change lives.